Chrome Delete,
Custom graphics & Paint Protection
Our shop offers the vinyl wrap Gilbert needs for added style, protection and brand recognition on their vehicles.

Vinyl wraps are a great, cost effective option to add customized options to any car. From chrome delete, roof wraps, business logos, slogans, or for simple custom flare these wraps are far more cost effective then a new paint job. An added benefit is the vinyl wraps keep the under paint in pristine condition. These wraps last for anywhere between three and five years while deterring blemishes from the paint.

At Ceramic Pro Chandler we do it all for vinyl wraps and offer 3M, Avery Dennison and Orafol options. Vinyl wrapping cars are our bread and butter. Our services range from minor chrome deletes on cars handles to complete appearance overhauls with finishes that are high gloss, satin and matte. Additionally, these wraps also add vehicle defense from rock chips and insect acids as there is a layer between the car’s coat and the environment. For a free quote for your car, please click here.


Full Vehicle Wrap – Color Change

Full vehicle wraps completely change the look of a vehicle, allowing more customization over the limited factory color options. Similar to traditional Paint Protection films, vinyl wrap acts as a protective barrier for your paint from debris and weathering, preserving the condition of the paint upon application. Vinyl Wrap is a more cost-effective alternative to PPF film, with the benefit of being able to be applied over oxidized/peeling clear coat, or bondo/primer and un-painted body panels.

Partial Wraps, Chrome Deletes, and Overlays

Partial Wraps are a quick and easy way to add contrast on a vehicle without breaking the bank. Individual panels, such as a roof, hood, or a trunk is a simple, yet effective way to enhance the factory paint and make it stand out.

Chrome Deletes are by far one of our most popular packages, covering the factory chrome with gloss, matte, or satin black to transform your vehicle, and give it a more contemporary look.

Overlays are small additions to your vehicle, such as Tail Light/Head Light tint, Pin Striping, or Window Decals. They offer a great approach to modifying your vehicle to give it that extra, final touch to make your vehicle unique to you.

Ceramic Pro PPF & Vinyl

Ceramic Pro PPF & Vinyl is a clear, multi-layerable, nano-ceramic liquid coating specifically engineered to bond to your vinyl wrapped vehicle for extra protection. The barrier formed by the coating doubles the lifespan of vinyl by minimizing the yellowing process from UV damage, as well as preventing scratching and swirls from forming in the vinyl. Another added benefit, is a reduction in the common Orange Peel look of vinyl wrap, giving the panel a glass-like quality.

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