Suspension Shop Near Me - Engine Builds, Suspension & Performance

Rakkasan Motorsports provides performance, suspension, engine calibration, as well as engine builds. We offer full installations on everything from your basic bolt on parts for your vehicle (i.e. intakes, exhaust, suspension) all the way to custom engine builds with a set of twin turbos. Of course all of these modifications will be backed with a custom engine calibration that allow your vehicle run at it’s optimum level. If you’re interested in adjusting the suspension on a vehicle, please click here for more info.

Below are some of the packages offered at our shop. If you have any questions regarding customizations or modifications to these packages, please contact us!

Entry Level

  • Custom Engine Calibration


Basic Performance Package

  • Cold air intake
  • Exhaust (Cat/back, full exhaust, down pipe)
  • Colder Thermostat
  • Custom engine Calibration


Premium Performance Package

  • Basic package +
  • Upgrade Valvetrain
  • Camshaft
  • Valve Springs and seals
  • Hardened pushrods( if equipped)
  • Head gasket w/ arp bolts
  • Custom engine calibration

Alpha Performance Package

  • Premium package +
  • Ported and Polished cylinder head/s
  • Arp head studs
  • Custom Engine calibration


Bravo Performance Package

  • Alpha package +
  • Fully forged rotating assembly
  • Custom piston selection for desired compression ratio
  • Professional Engine assembly
  • Aftermarket high performance cylinder head/s
  • Custom Engine calibration
  • Depending on camshaft selection with automatic vehicles will need a torque convertor for optimal engine performance
  • Performance packages are platform specific

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