Headlight Restoration in Chandler AZ Headlights hazy, scratched or not as bright as they once were at night?

If your headlights are experiencing any of the issues above, a headlight restoration might be a good idea to recharge the lenses of a vehicle!

Our headlight restoration package provides the necessary services to restore the headlights of a vehicle to yesteryear. We begin the package by cleaning and decontaminating the headlights. Our auto styling technicians then machine polish the lenses to remove signs of haze and restore clarity! When the package is complete your headlights have improved night vision and a protected surface on the lens to help prevent future damage.

Headlight Restoration Benefits

Included in package:

  • Clean, Decontaminate headlights
  • Machine Polish
  • Remove Haze
  • Restore Clarity
  • Protect Surface
  • Improves your night vision


Come see our expert staff at Rakkasan Motorsports. From packages backed by two-year warranties all the way up to lifetime warranties we have a package for any client.