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Paint Protection
Our Detailers Are Ceramic Pro Certified And Are Specifically Trained In The Techniques To Coat Your Specific Vehicle.

RAKKASAN MOTORSPORTS provides the ceramic coating and protection services your car needs to stay protected from the elements of Arizona! This invisible nano-ceramic coating goes on clear and forms a hydrophobic shield between your paint’s surface and the exterior elements. An industry innovator in the paint protection world, Ceramic Pro has proven itself as the standard of ceramic paint protection. With heavy-duty permanent protective coating properties, this industry innovating product provides protection from dirt, sand road salt, insect acids, tree sap, rock chips, oxidation, UV damage and much more! With the added hydrophobic benefits this product also provides reduced cleanup times along with hydrophobicity that allows dirt and grime to easily roll of the surface.

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If you’re new to the ceramic coating world then think of Ceramic Pro as an additional clear coat for your vehicle that’s incredibly hard, durable and glossy. With self-cleaning properties and packages backed by lifetime warranties, Ceramic Pro provides the protection necessary for paint to stay protected in the harsh region of Arizona. Ceramic Pro paint protection provides extreme protection in any environment or climate. Whether you drive a work truck, a roadster, or anything in between, Ceramic Pro has the paint protection benefits your car needs to stay protected from the elements!


Catered to the most serious car owners with Lifetime Warranty.

One of our most popular packages with 5 year warranty.

A great value package with 2 years warranty.

Yearly coating, great for keeping your windshield clear and free of debris

For keeping your beautiful wheels spotlessly clean

Is a great coating for keeping your interior like brand new.

Why Do You Need Paint Protection?

When it comes to ceramic coating services that lasts, Ceramic Pro is the industry standard. At Ceramic Pro Mesa, all of our technicians are trained in the specifics of Ceramic Pro application. Ceramic Pro adds a layer of protection to keep your paint protected from scratches, brake dust, insect acids, dirt and debris.

Industry Leaders

Ceramic Pro uses nano-technology originally designed to protect government buildings. This technology quickly branched out to the auto industry and is now the leader in ceramic coatings. It adds hydrophobic properties to any vehicle it’s applied to, while dirt and grime slide right off. The addition of Ceramic Pro keeps maintenance at a minimum a cleanups a breeze.

Maintain Your Vehicles Value

Ceramic coating services are a great tool in preventing damage, and maintaining the value of a vehicle. We’ve all seen cars that suffer from oxidation, UV damage and oxidation. With the addition of Ceramic Pro, any vehicle gains valuable defense against blemish causing contaminants!

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Come see our expert staff at Rakkasan Motorsports. From packages backed by two-year warranties all the way up to lifetime warranties we have a package for any client.