Interior Conditioning Package

The Interior Conditioning Package provides elite car interior cleaning services to the cabin of your vehicle. Whether your car is in need of a thorough interior clean as a result of pet hair, set in stains, resale of vehicle or if you just want your interior to be clean again, the experts at Rakkasan Motor Sports can help.

This package begins with a vacuum to pick up any loose debris on the seats and crevices. We then proceed to steam clean all surfaces of the vehicle from the floor liners to the headliner. The steam clean acts as a disinfectant to the surfaces of the interior and helps remove set in stains and contaminants. After the steam clean is finished we condition the leather and apply UV protectant conditioner to the seats. We finish the package with a polish and a thorough window cleaning.

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Car Interior Cleaning Services

Included in package:

  • Steam Clean all surfaces
  • Clean windows
  • Condition Leather
  • UV Protect surfaces
  • Polish applicable Surfaces