Alpha Package

Rakkasan Motor Sports provides some of the best car detailing Chandler has to offer. Our Alpha Package is a high end detailing package that recharges and revitalizes a vehicles paint. This package begins with a gentle foam hand wash and a hand dry. We then proceed to decontaminate the painted surfaces with a clay bar tool and thoroughly clean the interior and exterior glass surfaces. After the decontamination phase is complete, we perform a single stage orbital paint polish service to remove existing paint imperfections including scratches, swirling and car wash marring. To complete the package, our auto restyling technicians add Ceramic Pro Sport to all paint surfaces. Ceramic Pro Sport finishes with a high gloss and prevents premature oxidation and aging while finishing with a high gloss luster.

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Package Pricing:

Coupe/Compact $450
Mid-Full Size $550
Trucks/SUV $600
XL Truck/SUV $650

Included in package:

  • Gentle Foam wash by hand
  • Decontaminate painted surfaces
  • Clean Glass
  • Single Stage Orbital paint polishing to remove fine scratches, swirls & car wash marring
  • Includes previous packages services
  • 6 Month Ceramic Pro Sport application to paint

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