Bravo Package The Bravo Package is not your average car cleaning chandler detail service.

Rather this package provides high end detailing services to restore and protect vehicles paint. This package includes everything that comes with the Alpha package along with a multi stage orbital paint polish to remove fine scratches, swirls and marring.

The Bravo Package begins with a gentle hand wash and hand dry. We then proceed to the decontamination phase that includes clay bar techniques to remove environmental fallout including brake dust, rail dust and pollen. We thoroughly clean all glass surfaces and move onto the multi stage orbital polishing phase. This polishing technique is ideal in removing scratches, swirling and marring that are set in and require numerous stages. The Bravo Package finishes with an application of Ceramic Pro Sport that acts like a high gloss ceramic wax to protect the vehicle and keep it shining for up to six months!

Package Pricing:

  • Coupe/Compact $600
  • Mid-Full size $775
  • Truck SUV $825
  • XL Truck/SUV $900

Included in package:

  • Gentle Foam wash by hand
  • Decontaminate painted surfaces
  • Clean glass
  • Multi Stage Orbital paint polishing to remove fine scratches, swirls, & car wash marring
  • Includes everything included in Alpha Package
  • 6 Month Ceramic Pro sport application to paint

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